Friday, April 18, 2008

Visvim Kiefer Hi Patala

A new series of features are embedded in the newest Kiefers, known as the "Patala". Colors on the domestic versions are always subtle but there have some brighter insertions as you can see on the heel cap of the dark green model and on these really cool front zips. We've seen the side apertures on the Masterpiece collabos, later borrowed by Cause and even Wings & Horns, but Visvim is using their own original idea for this release. It's a definite hit, and though brightly colored, it is revealed mainly to the wearer exclusively, since the zip is camouflaged by the laces. The toe cap is an EVA pylon material, and the vulcanized overall structure of the shoe provides lightweight and comfort technology.

Being that Imnot to familar with this brand I got this whole post from Hypebeast but Im gonna try do way more orginal posts

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