Saturday, March 15, 2008

I dont think I posted this but its dope

I can't wait !

A name that has become synonymous with the pop culture art movement, Takashi Murakami will see his trials and tribulations take over the Brooklyn Museum next

and you know Ill be there wit da Killa Cam

EastPack- SICK!!!!

get my Peter Parker on with this

Michael Lau's DJ Panda and Off World Creature figures

got this from hypebeast

Air Jordan - Walnuts ( Lmao I said Wal Nuts , get it Wal NUTSSS ahh forget it )

Alife chocolate bar

The New York brand Alife has updated their website with a picture of a Hersey like Alife Chocolate Bar. We don't think Alife will actually be making their own Chocolate but this is an interesting design. Perhaps a preview of a future t-shirts? Gues we'll have to wait and see.

Source: Ctothejl

shout out to Jesse and Dice over there at ALIFE

Teriyaki Boyz - ZOCK ON

All I can say is I cant wait till I get me some money

Nyce - The Future ( also my way into this rap thing )

This is my cuzzin Nyce :

People so he is like a cross between 50 and Mase. I just say he makes real good music
so here are couple tracks of his check em out

SB ( sidebar )

He has all his stuff copyrighted and his signed so steal and we Puff Daddy your ass