Friday, March 7, 2008

Dope Ish

Thats Inspiration

Katt Willams- American Hustle

I love this dude him and Kevin Hart be repping for us duded under 6 feet

( Tall Bastards)

Found it !!!

I dont know why they deleted the other one
but this my shyt ( Katt WIllams voice )

Sonic and Shadow

2 Bad muthafuckas

need this in my life

Raf Simmons x Eastpak Backpack

Vintage Cartoon- Mega Man

Finally got my videos on this bitch !!!

ya peep that gay shit when I was like "people of this color" and I flciked my wrist
lol sometimes you gotta laugh at self . Especailly when no one is there to laugh with you

Vintage Cartoon- Bobby's World


This is the coolest shit i seen in a while