Friday, April 4, 2008

Heres more ish I missed ( At this point Im just still tearing )


Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton at Brooklyn Museum

Nike SB Backpack & Accessories

Viva La Back Packs !!!

Evisu 2008 spring/summer accessories 7

I dont really have to explain what I need this for do I ? I mean c'mon dont think too hard

Supreme New Era "Flags" 59FIFTY Cap

Moncler 2008 Spring/Summer Collection 1


I aint want one cause everybody up on them now but I still might cop one

I seen this on miss info's blog but aint no way I was'nt posting this

This is so Borat

Rogue status x formula drift-tee

I really never heard of this company but the shirt is dope though

Who's Deal starring Jim Jones

das my man Capo with one of my wives Elise Neal dis shit look like its gonna be ummmmm huh intresting yup das the word I wanna use intresting

Pepsi Art

You can tell this is Warhol inspired

720 degrees Nike Dunks

These are hard too

I think this is like a running band and a usb device

This is hard

I need all these (size 7 5/8 ) - das only cuz I got hair

Andrew x Pommier x Stussy

Heres a link to the new Stussy page: Stussy

I aint do a jordan post in a minute but this is perfect

I cant wait till these drop this has all the best jordans in it

ilovedust x Bored of Southsea x Carhartt

This is Dope. I love how carhartt is doing callbos wit out lins in street wear das some ill shit

Gucci 2008 Spring/Summer Footwear

I can see my self waring this with Andre 3000 brand Benjamain Bixby if yall get a chance look it up but Imma do a post on it anyway


Amongst Friends S/S '08 New Eras Fitted Caps

This fitted is dope and it reminds me of a tat I wanna get

you can cop this at Boundless NY

Lemar and Dauley x Adidas Streetball 08

I seen these on HYPEBEAST I'm loving the color way on the sneakers its too much but its still ill at the same time I respect Lemar and Dauley styles aalready so its good these are GOOD $ !

Ato Matsumoto Cow Hide Boots aka Kanye's lil secret

Another bite from Kanye's Blog

Visvim Bag

I love red this bag is fire

Viva la BackPack !!!

Pics from the set everybody nose by Nerd - Kanye West x Nerd

I think thats T.K. in the KAWS outfir shit look sick so far

I jacked this from Kanye's Blog (but of course)