Thursday, May 1, 2008

Justice - Stress

Ok as usually I got this from Ye's Blog but real talk this video remind me so much of one of my Favorite Books I read in High School A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgeous.
Its actually a Great Book so anyone reading this post please check it out so you can understanding a lot of the spoofs of it in Pop Culture .

My Thoughts- Ba Basic

Original Fake x Visvim Backpack

You already know I scored this off of YE's Blog but this Bag is Dope

Mary And Hov- My space interveiw

Check out this video: Jay Z and Mary J. Blige On Tour- MySpace Exclusive

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aww man I actually feel real humbled watching this interview . When you have 2 our cultures greatest asrtist come together and do something so Grand it really shows what we can do if we could just all come together as a people Das some real shyt B