Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vintage Cartoon : Sailor Moon

School days at 7 in the morning I use to be late for class watching this
If you only know how bad I wish I was cartoon and I think you know why ( I tell em Im boderline but they dont hear me though)

Rest in Peace Yves Saint Laurent

I mean even though I really can't even fit this shit less alone afford it ,he was an innovator in the fashion world and his work will always be here to remind is of his genius and creativity

As Seen on Kanye's Blog


I do these with some Dapper Dan Louie cause I know how to get away with it
( wink )

As seen on Hypebeast

Soo Woo Was popping 5 LOL

That boy from Chi town stop playing

Summer Jam

If you already know me by know or at least read my blog you know I really dont have much to say