Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Classic Song : Ice Cube - Who's the Mack

Producer of the Week - DJ Premier

Christopher Edward Martin (born March 21, 1966), better known as DJ Premier (also Premo/Primo/Preemo/Preme/Preem) is a prominent American hip hop producer and DJ, and the instrumental half of the duo Gang Starr, together with MC Guru on the lyrical side. Originally from Houston, he has lived in Brooklyn, New York virtually his entire professional career. Many fans and hip hop purists consider him to be the greatest hip hop producer ever.

The Source magazine named DJ Premier one of the 5 greatest producers in hip-hop history, while editors from About.com ranked him as #1 in their "Top 50 Hip-Hop Producers" list.[1]

Premier's signature style is, essentially, a two-bar break to make up the rhythms of his tracks, and a scratched chorus. His early Gang Starr work relies heavily on melodic samples, but starting with Jeru's The Sun Rises in the East in 1994, he began to use ominous atonal samples as well. (These may have been inspired by the atonal piano samples that figured heavily in Wu-Tang Clan's groundbreaking debut, 1993's Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers); Premier uses a sample from 36 Chambers track "Tearz," Wu producer RZA's ominous laughter, to comprise the chorus from Jeru's "Ain't the Devil Happy.")

One notable exception to Premier's style is his more varied beat from Nas' classic track, "Represent"; the chorus is much more musically distinct from the verses than is typical for him. Also, though most of Premier's tracks contain the crackles and pops from the records he samples, he has employed more polished beats in his more mainstream productions

gotta pay homage

Vintage Cartoon- Johnny Quest

Yes yes yall another classic song : Biggie small - warning

Classic Song : Big Pun- Its so hard

Album Review: Fat Joe -Elephant in the Room

So I just finished listening to Fat Joe's new album an like his name its crack !!!
The songs are fire the conepts are dope like the song My Conscience FT THE LEGENDARY KRS-One. Another song called that white produced by DJ Premeir which is ill and jus the rest of the album is jus Joe going off so Big up to The Don Cartagena and the entire TS crew ( old and new )for always keeping the X alive

Big Pun

Must Cops

These are the new BBC/Ice Cream sneakers they take style from boat shoes
I own a couple pairs so you know they fly

I also got this off Kanye Blog but I had to

Bently jet - it just sounds like some dope ish to say in aline but to actaully create one damn rappers is bout to go bankrupt cause I dont hear em talk about it if they dont own one ( shout out to Jay-Z its the Roc )

Stole this off Knaye's Blog

You have to admit this is kind of fresh

Pay Homage to a Bronx Veteran -DJ FunkMaster Flex

Aston George Taylor Jr., better known as Funkmaster Flex (born August 5, 1968 in The Bronx, New York) is a popular hip hop DJ on New York City's Hot 97 radio station, where his weekly show has a 10% market share.[citation needed] He is known for being the first to release exclusive records in the hip hop world. His show features live mixing and celebrity guests. He attended Our Savior Lutheran Church.( I use to go to the school when I was a child )

He is also influential in the automotive street scene, with a show on SpikeTV, Ride with Funkmaster Flex, The show is also on Kenya Television Network, Channel O (available via satellite & terrestrial TV throughout Africa) and Channel V (Australia). Other shows of his include All Muscle with Funkmaster Flex on ESPN, and Car Wars with Funkmaster Flex. He founded Team Baurtwell, a custom car club. Flex puts on an annual touring car show, the Funkmaster Flex Celebrity Car Show Tour, which includes the cars of stars such as Wyclef Jean and many others.

The LUGZ shoe company produced the FMF-1 Funkmaster Flex driving shoe, designed by Flex. He has also been a spokesman for Starter athletic gear and Greyhound.

In the videogame ESPN NFL 2K5, Flex is a celebrity adversary and is also unlockable as a free agent fullback in season mode. Flex also appeared in Def Jam Vendetta as a playable fighter.