Sunday, June 8, 2008

Producer of the Week : Danger Mouse

Brian Joseph Burton, better known by moniker Danger Mouse, is part of eccentric Hip Hop/Soul/Alternative duo Gnarls Barkley. Consisting of him and his partner Cee-Lo Green known from Atlanta based musical collectives Goodie Mob and The Dungeon Family. Which also include eclectic Rap duo Outkast, production/songwriting team Organized Noize, R&B singer Joi, and others. Even though Mouses’ music consist of mostly Hip Hop he is also known for his work in other genres such as trip hop , electronica , and Alternative . Most of these projects you can find with his work with groups such as Gorrilaz ,The Black Keys , and Danger Doom ( Collective DangerMouse and Rapper/Producer MF Doom). Already a DJ and known by his other moniker Pelican City in Electronica muisc Mouses' fame came from Hybrid remix The Grey Album . With samples from the beatles white album and vocals from Jay-Z’s Black album , Mouse creates a savvy mix of Jay-Z’s sophisticated lyrics mashed with the early rock sound of The beatles thus making it Classic in its own right. Persoanlly my favorite work of the producer is on his latest release with Gnarls Barkley The odd couple ( the TV show which the name is based ,also happens to be part of my late night rounite while on the MP ) . The album serves as a canvas to both Mouses' and Cee-Lo’s artistic aound and image . The Album is a gumbo consisting of pop sounds from the 50’s and 60’s with a dash of dub , seasoned with slowed down samples Hip Hop drums and mixed with a wooden lattle of Hip Hop drums creating a brand new flavor which I can safely say can be found amgonst different Generes in the forever expanding menu of Hip Hop. Danger Mouse is Truly a Pionner of our Music , culture , and Time.

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