Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Muisc The Roots - Rising Up

Something Great for your soul

I have been a fan since Brooklyn Babylon
Black Thought is one of the last best MC's Left
Chrisette Michelle is Gorgeous and has such a distinct sound like an Eryaka Badu and Jill Scott

And Wale is truly ( now listen ) A breath of fresh air in a time were so called Conscience Rap / Hipster Hop (and who ever embraces that term is an embarrassment not only to the culture but also to themselves if they consider themselves a true child of a Lifestyle that so many before us has sacrificed their own so we can not be tied down to only a certain sound or genre of OUR OWN MUSIC.)

Anyway its a Great Record Im glad that in this day and age we still have something real to feel

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