Friday, April 11, 2008

Vintage Cartoon X MustCops- Nike SB Dunk Mid "Donatello"

These are so must cops is Nike doing TMNT Pack who Knows ? lets watch a video for cartoon sake

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beerjerk said...

Hey man it's Al (kid from the train). I'm reading through your blog and I gotta say that I'm digging it as I sit here with a cold beer.

Your blog has some awesome products. Makes me wish I has the green to drop on some of them.

The 720 dunks are sick (some people also call them the Skate Or Die dunks, in tribute to the NES game).

I was thinking of going to the Murakami exhibit in the Brooklyn Museum, that dude has some good shit.

Maybe you can offer more in-depth reviews on some of the products, with pros-cons, as well as more musings on music, shows, or events.

Overall, congrats bro, you have a great page that I have in my bookmarks and will be revisiting!

This is my blog:

I update it every now and then, when time allows. Or when the beers start to kick in.