Friday, March 21, 2008

Original Fake "Fuck Death" Tee

The Original Fake website has been updated with a new graphic of the KAWS Companion in the missionary position with the Grim Weeper. This artwork by the artist KAWS most likely has the hidden meaning "Fuck Death". This interesting graphic will be used on an upcoming t-shirt from KAWS' brand, Original Fake. Look for this tee to drop at Original Fake in Japan or at Original Fake dealers.

I think this the Realest, Illest, Rawness , shit I ever seen



Critical Region Consulting @ said...

When you repost from others websites or blogs always put in quotes to denote you did not write the text. ^_^

Also instead of reposting content from other sites, describe what you like about the what you are posting. ^_^

Chunky Fre$h from 1988 to 2008 said...

You right absoutly right so just for the reocrd I did get this post from hype beast but Im gonna tell my honest opinon of it instead